RNA-seq article published by PLoS ONE


We analyzed the transcriptome of nucleus accumbens shell of 10 isogenic strains of rats using Weighted Gene-Coexpression Network Analysis (WGCNA). Twelve of these gene networks were correlated with the amount of nicotine intake. Nine of these had negative correlation (increased expression was associated with reduced nicotine intake). Automated literature analysis found one of these modules contained 15 genes nominally associated with smoking. These findings provide new insights into genetic mechanisms that predispose or protect against tobacco addiction.

This project was built on some of our previous work:

  • Transcriptome sequencing of samples obtained using laser capture microdissection was reported in Front Neurosci;
  • Nicotine self-administration in isogenic strains of rats was published in PLoS ONE;
  • Literature analysis using Chilibot was described in BMC Bioinformatics.