Tengfei's Carbon Disulfide paper is published by PLoS ONE

Carbon Disulfide Mediates Socially-Acquired Nicotine Self-Administration
Tengfei Wang, Hao Chen 

PLoS ONE. December 22, 2014

Social environment is a critical factor in smoking initiation. We previously established a rat model of socially-acquired nicotine self-administration. In this model, a contingent olfactogustatory (OG) cue was paired with intravenous nicotine self-administration in rats. Rats tested alone in the operant chamber developed conditioned flavor aversion. However, the presence of a second rat that consumed the same OG cue, but did not receive nicotine, in the operant chamber greatly enhanced nicotine intake. We demonstrated in this paper that Carbon Disulfide (CS2), a volatile gas contained in the breath of rats, is the social signal that mediates the social learning of nicotine intake in our model.